Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood

Age: 30

Body fat: 8.2%

Weight: 77Kg

Height: 183cm


Since the age of 17 I have trained in a gym and have had a love for health and fitness. My central focus has always been on building a muscular and healthy looking physique. For the past few years I have been fortunate enough to train with many different people from all over the world – some of my most beneficial experiences occurring during my training at Club Kensington in London. Here I trained with numerous highly skilled personal trainers whose expertise revolved around a range of different training styles including super eccentrics, fit ball and boxing. Training alongside these trainers and noticing tangible differences in my own physical and mental well-being as a result of my self-discipline and hard work, really bought the world of health and fitness alive for me and made me realise my passion for this field. The accomplishment of my own personal fitness goals made me realise more than anything that I wanted to help others to feel as great as I did. As a result I decided to obtain a qualification in personal training that would enable me to do this.

I successfully completed certificate III in gym instruction and certificate IV in personal training at the Australian Institute of sport, and became a qualified master trainer. I proceeded to further develop what I had already studied and experienced at a gym where I worked as a gym instructor and part-time gym manager. Being the self-motivated and goal-driven individual that I am, it was not long before I realised that I wanted to open my own personal training business. Future Image Training (FIT) came into being mid-way through 2008 and I have been developing my business through personal training sessions as well as strength and fitness classes ever since.

During my discovery of my passion for health and fitness my most important realisation has been that I gain a real sense of accomplishment and fulfillment through helping others to reach their personal fitness goals. Some of my best clients are professional athletes who I have worked with and trained in such a way as to give them the best possible competitive advantage. In addition to my optimistic and motivational nature I consider myself an athlete who has the necessary skills and innovative training methods to assist individuals to firstly realise what they are capable of accomplishing, secondly to motivate them to be disciplined in their training, and lastly and most importantly, to achieve their personal goals, a sense of accomplishment and ultimately a healthier lifestyle.

Ryan's opinion

“I am committed to my mission and my passion for changing people’s lives by helping them adopt a healthy, and most importantly FIT lifestyle.”

Ryan Wood

Personal Trainer


90% - Strength
85% - Fitness
90% - Muscle Mass
100% - Diet



Core Training

Your core is a vital part of every muscle in your body.


Strength Training

Your core is a vital part of every muscle in your body.


Group Training

Group training can increase your motivation level to work harder and get results.


Fitness Training

Fitness increases your stamina and keeps you lean.


Muscle Building

Building muscle is important as it shapes your body and increases strength.



Building muscle is important as it shapes your body and increases strength.