Get Amped

Ryan pumping the free weights

Get Stuck In, Use Free weights and build core strength!

Do you have a well-planned fitness routine?

Not seeing results? Hit a plateau? Wondering why your workouts haven't worked for you? Perhaps its time to mix it up! Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to maximize the results from your time exercising is to get on board with your own personal trainer so you can always be focused on your health and fitness goals, which means you are more likely to stick to your plan and achieve great things.

It’s not always easy to keep up regular exercise, life often seems to get in the way and as time goes on we can lose motivation. When you sign on with FIT you are making a commitment to yourself as well as to your own health and fitness.

Do you have a well planned fitness routine if not why not check out one of the plans I offer

Get the most out of your workout

Personal Training
Some of the benefits of having a personal trainer:
  • Friendly advice and support when needed as well as someone to be accountable to if you don’t turn up.
  • Someone who gives you that extra push to maximise your potential!
Couple Training
The benefits of couples training:
  • Gain Fitter Bodies through healthy competition.
  • Accountability and focus
  • Customized workouts with the support of your significant other!
Group Training
The benefits of training in a group

If you like exercise with a social side to it and are looking at lowering your cost, small group personal training is a good option. You still get the guidance and advice of a personal trainer, but you are working alongside a few other people.

10 Week Challenge
The best way to acheive your personal goals
  • Nutritional guidance and an eating plan.
  • Weekly workouts to increase fitness, speed, agility, strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility.
  • Regular weigh-ins and specific feedback on progress.